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All Arenas Badges in Apex Legends and how to earn them

Published: 5/May/2021 18:31 Updated: 8/May/2021 10:49

by Calum Patterson


The new Arenas mode in Apex Legends is totally separate from the main battle royale component and therefore has its own stats, trackers, and badges to show off on your banner. Here are all the Arenas badges you can unlock so far.

Arenas will be a different test of your skills, as there’s no random looting, respawns, or third parties. It’s just you, your Legend of choice, and a set loadout purchased at the start of each round.

Clearly, it wouldn’t make sense for stats and badges to crossover between the two modes, so you’ll be starting fresh in the Arenas mode.


If you want to flex your skills, there’s a total of four badges that you can currently unlock to display on your banner.

Arenas spawn room in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Your performances in Arenas will earn you separate badges from Battle Royale.

Apex Legends Arenas badges

Win Streak

Although this badge is pretty self-explanatory (it tracks your most wins in a row), there’s actually a very unique aspect to it.

If you completed the Arenas teaser in Season 8, by finding all the holosprays and then activating the teaser in the Firing Range and meeting Ash, then you’ll have an improved version of the win streak badge.

If you didn’t complete the teaser, you will still have the Win Streak badge, but it won’t be as impressive looking.


win streak badge in arenas
Respawn Entertainment
The Win streak badge will look a bit more “luxury” if you completed the teaser in Season 8.

Legend wins

The next badge you can unlock is also another win tracker of sorts, but it’s specific to the Legend you’re using.

Each Legend has a ‘Legend’s Arena’ badge, which will become increasingly impressive as you go up the ranks from 5, 20, 50, 100, 500 wins.

Wraith arenas badgeSurvivor Badge

Manage to win an Arenas game without getting downed or killed at all in the badge, and you’ll earn the Arenas survivor badge, usable with any Legend,

Apex Legends Survivor badge Shutout badge

Finally, you will earn the Shutout badge by winning an Arenas match 3-0. You should be able to unlock this badge pretty quickly if you can steamroll the opposition with three quick rounds.


Shutout badge in Apex Legends

Arenas damage badge?

Hopefully, more badges will be added to unlock in Arenas, such as damage or kills badges.

On Reddit, a Respawn developer explained that they will definitely add more badges in the future, but need to gather more data to determine what damage number will be hard to achieve, for example.

“For damage, we still aren’t sure what is that actual equivalent – in terms of difficulty – of the 2K/3K/4K badges? Just didn’t have enough data yet on what the right numbers were. More badges are coming. I’m not sure if/when we’ll do damage badges. But I can say for sure more Arenas badges are coming.”


Also, with Ranked Arenas on the way at some point in the future, there’s also the opportunity for Ranked Arenas badges, which Respawn will almost certainly be including.