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All Apex Legends skins in Bloodhound Old Ways event

Published: 2/Apr/2020 21:43 Updated: 2/Apr/2020 21:46

by Alan Bernal


The next event in Apex Legends centered around Bloodhound’s Town Takeover event is bringing a swarm of exclusive rewards for a limited time.

Along with the next Town Takeover, Respawn are packaging an exclusive Prize Track as well as a Direct Purchase Shop where people can instantly grab cosmetics tied to the Bloodhound’s origin as well as Legendary Hunt Skins.

This will mark the first time players will have another chance to get all of the original eight skins from the Season 1 event. With all of the ways to collect cosmetics, there’s going to be dozens of outfits that will be up for grabs during the Old Ways festivities.


Direct Purchase Shop

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Respawn will be restocking their shop throughout the Old Ways lore event. The direct purchase shop will not only have skins inspired by the game’s new cinematic trailer, but will feature skins for Crypto and Wattson along with a frame for Bloodhound.

The shop will be rotating every five days with three new skins being made available for purchase. Bloodhound’s Young Blood skin will be the only cosmetic that will stay in the shop until the end.

Exclusive character skins are Bloodhound’s Wise Warrior for 1800 Apex Coins (AC), Wattson’s Static Maiden for 500 AC, and Crypto’s Azure Gaze for 500 AC.


Old Ways Exclusive Event Prize Track

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There’s going to be a ton of chances to earn cosmetics throughout the course of The Old Ways. The Prize Track will let people earn points by completing daily challenges to unlock new items along the way.

This system is a follow up to the popular progression system introduced in the Grand Soiree and then revived in System Override. Completing each challenge will earn players 1,000 points, with the objectives refreshed every day.

Earn enough points and you can start unlocking some of the free rewards, including a themed weapon charm, Gibraltar skin, and weapon camo.

Legendary Hunt Skins

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In addition to the items exclusive to this event, Respawn are also reintroducing some popular and rare skins from Apex history, so players will be able to claim cosmetic items from one of the first events to grace the battle royale.

Like the Direct Purchase Shop, there’s going to be a rotating collection of cosmetics that players can snag, including two recolored variants of the Wraith and R-301 skins.

This event kicks off on April 7 and will last the usual two weeks before wrapping up on April 21. For more information, make sure to check out our Bloodhound’s Old Ways Lore event and Town Takeover event page.