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Incredible anime pastel aesthetic gaming setup goes viral

Published: 11/Feb/2021 13:22 Updated: 11/Feb/2021 13:34

by Lauren Bergin


All of us dream of the perfect bedroom, but a Twitter user’s anime themed room that is just dripping with pastel aesthetic has gone viral. 

When it comes to our bedrooms, it’s the one place where we’re in control of the decor. Whether you’re still living at home or have your own place, your bedroom always feels like the place where you can let your creative interior design juices run wild.

While the internet went wild a few months ago because one Twitch streamer expressed her distaste for having plants in her bedroom, this time one Twitter user’s room has gone viral for a very different reason.


Instead of debating whether or not plans should feature in bedrooms across the globe, Twitter has jumped on an anime pastel gaming setup that makes this user’s bedroom look amazing.

Anime pastel gaming setup overtakes Twitter

Shrimp, an artist based out of the United Arab Emirates, shared photos of her gaming setup. The Tweet, posted on February 9, has received almost 60k likes and has garnered a colossal 6.2k comments.

Everything from her nails to her keyboard are adorned in baby pink, and the whole space is gently illuminated by a neon blue sign written in Japanese.

Her walls have the iconic Demon Hunter masks from the anime ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’ hanging just above her PC, and on the floor there’s an adorable rug featuring Killua Zoldyck from the classic Hunter X Hunter.


In response to a whole host of users who couldn’t believe what they were seeing, Shrimp has given us a 360 degree panorama video of the coveted anime inspired bedroom just to prove that it is, in fact, a real place.

What makes the whole thing even most astounding, however, is when you look at how the room was before versus the anime paradise that it’s been transformed into.

Twitter loves this insane bedroom

It’s safe to say that the Twitter sphere are obsessed with Shrimp’s pastel anime aesthetic. If the likes and retweets weren’t proof enough, here are some of the best community reactions.


Spanish 100 Thieves content creator Neeko asked the anime superfan where she acquired her amazing collection of Japanese inspired goodies.

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A second commenter responded that they didn’t care that gender stereotypes dictate men shouldn’t be using pink gear, Shrimp’s setup was just too beautiful.

A final respondent took note that gamer was a Valorant fan from her screen, and noted that Future Earth’s iconic Sentinel Killjoy wouldn’t go amiss in a room like this one.

It’s safe to say we’d love a room like this one, and the hard work and effort that Shrimp has put into designing and collecting everything is commendable. Maybe one day we’ll be able to bring our creativity to life like this, but until then we can watch on in awe as she continues to reveal more of her gaming space.