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Bizarre Animal Crossing: New Horizons glitch lets players walk on water

Published: 15/May/2020 19:05 Updated: 18/May/2020 12:41

by Meg Bethany Koepp


A strange, yet hilarious bug in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is allowing players to go “out of bounds” and literally run around on water – Jesus style.

Glitches are nothing new in New Horizons: there’s been item duplication exploits, villager moving issues, and more since its release. Nintendo is usually quick to patch the more serious errors out, so it’s becoming all the more rare to find one – especially those that affect play in such a serious way.

Animal Crossing players have discovered a new bug that luckily isn’t of the game-breaking type, and is just a bit of fun that sees your character jumping atop bridges and walking through rivers like it’s nothing.


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No, not that kind of bug.

Reddit user ‘3llowh‘ discovered the bizarre glitch by total accident, and it’s something that could probably be a bundle of laughs with friends over online multiplayer.

Using a rock, they managed to launch their character on top of the nearby bridge by hitting it with their shovel and then digging a hole at the right time to propel themselves.

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The AC fan then leaps off the bridge and into the river below, wading through the water with a carefree spirit as though it’s always been a feature and not an odd glitch.


came across this bug today. it was weird from AnimalCrossing

The player’s river is short due to their waterfall placement, but if you have a longer river area then you can have more fun with this bug – you could even create some sort of water game with your friends.

This could be a fun glitch to explore with friends.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons has proven to be a smash success ever since its release on March 20. Millions of players – both new and old – dived head first into the game, and fell in love.

It sold so well, that it broke sales records in its opening weekend alone, and shifted over 13.41 million units in just six weeks, making it the most successful Nintendo Switch title to date.