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Animal Crossing “Amazon” sells every item and villager in New Horizons

Published: 10/May/2020 22:32 Updated: 11/May/2020 16:05

by Meg Bethany Koepp


A new website has been set up to help New Horizons players buy and sell their items, DIY recipes, and even villagers – it’s like Amazon, but for Animal Crossing.

We all know the struggle of being addicted to online shopping. Sometimes it’s just really hard not to succumb to temptation to buy that thing you’ve had your eye on for weeks – it’s just $10, right? Right…?

Now, Animal Crossing has been given the “Amazon” treatment, meaning you can buy and sell a variety of different things such as furniture, flowers, and more all at a few clicks of a button. Aptly named ‘Nookazon,’ the service lets players participate in swaps over the internet, and it’s really useful for those in search of certain items.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons has its very own “Amazon.”

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Animal Crossing “Amazon”

The website calls itself “the one stop for all your ACNH needs” – and that’s actually probably true. It works by having players communicate over Twitter and Discord to set up trades for whatever the buyer is looking for. If you’re a seller, you simply list your item, choose a price – whether that be Bells, Nook Miles Tickets, or something else – and then wait for someone to contact you with an offer.

You’re not just limited to items, either; you can actually sell villagers on the site as well. As you may know, snooty cat Raymond is one of the most popular characters in New Horizons, and he’s actually been known to go for over 700 NMTs which is simply just madness. You’ll be pleased to know that other, less expensive animals sell for normal amounts – that’s definitely not the norm.


Nookazon also a good way of filling out the art and fossil sections of your museum, especially if you’re having a hard time finishing off the last few pieces. In the City Folk and New Leaf days, you could go on Animal Crossing forums and ask there, but having somewhere specific to request a certain item is a lot easier.


Everybody loves Raymond.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been a huge success with fans and those new to the series. So popular in fact, that it sold six million copies in just its opening weekend alone, and over 13.41 million units in six weeks.


With those stats, it’s easy to see why a marketplace for the game was set up, with so many players trying to get specific items for their islands.